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18.10. - 21.12.2018.

The Dark Shift

Employment and work of the disabled is primarily a human right, including the disabled. The visually impaired are faced with extreme difficulties regarding employment. It shows how the blind have been trained for various jobs through history and presents original items that the blind made in training workshops. The museum also holds an old telephone exchange system which the blind used for working, and the public still usually associates these jobs with the blind. Even though prejudices have changed, they still exist to this day. This exhibition is a small effort in the fight against prejudice and the affirmation of the blind in the labor market.

05.10. - 01.12.2017.

The Breathing (New) Life

For almost 70 years, the unique and original Theater of the Blind and the Partially Sighted “New Life” has been extending the limits of the possible through their artistic expression and enthusiasm. They have performed various genres, from commedia dell’arte, Greek tragedy, surrealism, modern drama, dance to children’s plays.



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