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Why rivals?
25.09.2008 - 28.11.2008
Željka Sušić i Željko Jamičić
Typhlological Museum

Sculpture of Scilence
31.03.2008 - 18.04.2008
Nina Sivec i Davor Šiftar
Typhlological Museum

Gallop of Touch
14.10.2006 - 03.11.2006
Lucija Šoda
Gliptoteka HAZU

Touch of the ancient times
02.12.2005 - 01.02.2006
Genevieve Bresc-Bautier, Cyrille Gouyette, Željka Sušić, dr. sc. Morana Vouk, Davor Šiftar
Typhlological Museum

The Touch of Sculpture
Ljubomir Stahov
15.11.2004 - 05.12.2004
Željka Bosnar Salihagić i Roland Gambiroža
Typhlological Museum

Why rivals?

Why rivals?

Organization of exhibition: Typhlological Museum and Muzej policije u osnutku
Authors of exhibition: Željka Sušić i Željko Jamičić
Art concept: Željka Sušić, Željko Jamičić i Davor Šiftar

Museums are no longer inconspicuous, untouchable and isolated places. Today they also reflect the state of society. And to warn of that state, they need to speak about contemporary events. Especially because of those they exist for – their visitors. This exhibition is intended for all categories of visitors, in particular for young people / school population, since the figures show that there are more and more young people among troublemakers at sports grounds.

Young people are on stadium stands. Young people are in police uniforms. Both are sport fans. Then why are they on rival sides?

By choosing this topic on supporters, we wanted to show what real sport supporting is, how people used to support and how they do it nowadays, whether all kinds of supporting have negative connotations, how violence became part of supporting groups. The exhibition goes deep into the phenomenon of present society, at the same time pointing out the role of police in suppressing riots, since, as it seems to us, the police have been burdened with problems related to supporters. And without a comprehensive support of all those involved in sport, the police cannot do more than they are already doing…

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