Tiflološki muzej / događanja
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The Best in Heritage
Dubrovnik, 24. - 26. rujna 2009.


Željka Bosnar Salihagić, Creative Heritage Forum, usmeno izlaganje i poster prezentacija: Tiflološki muzej - Novi stalni postav.


TYPHLOLOGICAL MUSEUM – New permanent exhibition

Looking to bring art and culture closer to disabled people, the Typhlological[1] Museum in Zagreb opened its new permanent exhibition in 2008 to promote harmonious coexistence and create a functional, pleasant and humane museum accessible to all.

Combining two scientific disciplines – education-rehabilitation and museology, the Museum does not differentiate between its visitors and endeavours to wholly adapt its exhibitions and events to disabled people.

Archive materials, photos and items from the Museum’s holdings give insight into the beginnings of institutional care for the blind in Croatia, the development of script for the blind and related technologies.

Visitors can use all their senses in the Dark Room – a blind simulator, follow tactile floor strips, read captions in Braille and enlarged print for the blind and visually impaired, touch tactile drawings and sculptures made by blind artists, watch specially titled films for the hearing impaired, walk through the Museum’s storerooms…

Constantly communicating with the community, opening its space to lectures, workshops, temporary exhibitions, the Museum is turning to its target audience of visitors wishing to change their biases about those who are “different”.

[1] Film projection: Deaf-blind sculptress Sanja Fališevac

Directed, recorded, edited by: Miran Krčadinac
Tone recording: Damir Mladić
Produced by: Typhlological Museum
Executive producer: Davor Šiftar
Production: DIGIMARK