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Museum night: Programming and robotics at the Typhlological Museum

Would you like to learn about programming and technology? Do you wish to construct an electrical circuit or control your robot? Would you like to learn more about eTextile and wearable technology?
Visit the Typhlological Museum on 1 February 2019, from 6 p.m. until 1 a.m. and join our rich program that we have created for you! More

The Dark Shift Exibition 18/10, 2017- 01/02, 2018

Employment and work of the disabled is primarily a human right, including the disabled. The visually impaired are faced with extreme difficulties regarding employment. It shows how the blind have been trained for various jobs through history and presents original items that the blind made in training workshops. The museum also holds an old telephone exchange system which the blind used for working, and the public still usually associates these jobs with the blind. Even though prejudices have changed, they still exist to this day. This exhibition is a small effort in the fight against prejudice and the affirmation of the blind in the labor market. More

How to ensure access to cultural events for the disabled?

The Typhlological Museum took part in this education program held in Rijeka on 15 December 2018. More

A World of Sounds

After Zagreb, Osijek, and Pula, the World of Sounds exhibition is now touring in Dubrovnik thanks to Dubrovnik Museums. A World of Sounds is an emotional reminder of 2001, when everyone in Croatia got together to enable deaf children to step into the world of sounds. At the Typhlological Museum in Zagreb, it opened in 2016 to mark the 20th anniversary of the first cochlear implant in Croatia and the beginning of rehabilitation of persons with cochlear implants, as well as the 15th anniversary of Let Them Hear, by far the most successful charity campaign so far. More

Lecture of Thomas Kador, PhD

Prof. Thomas Kador, PhD from University College London held a lecture and workshop titled “Museum objects for learning and health” on 8 November at the Pathology Department, organized by the Typhlological Museum and the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb. More

A recommendation!

If you have some time, why not teach your loved ones something new and learn more yourself? More

TYPHLOLOGICAL MUSEUM presented its work in Moscow at the 20th International “Intermuseum 2018” Festival.

“Intermuseum” took part within the VDNH fair in Moscow from 31 May to 3 June, 2018. Over 400 museums from Russian and the world took part. This year’s topic was “Museums and the Society”, with numerous program activities dedicated to it. More

23rd Educational Museum Activity

- marking International Museum day – “Watercraft”, 18 April – 18 May, 2018 More

Science Festival, 16 – 21 April, 2018

The Typhlological Museum will once again participate in the Science Festival, which will take place from 16 to 21 April, 2018, at the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum, and this year it will partner with the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica. More

The Breathing (New) Life, 05/10 - 01/12, 2017

For almost 70 years, the unique and original Theater of the Blind and the Partially Sighted “New Life” has been extending the limits of the possible through their artistic expression and enthusiasm. They have performed various genres, from commedia dell’arte, Greek tragedy, surrealism, modern drama, dance to children’s plays.