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EMYA - European Museum of the Year Award 2010

Željka Kolveshi, European Museum Forum (EMF) national correspondent for Croatia, highlighted the Typhlological Museum's candidature for the most prestigious international award in the field of museum activities in Europe - the EMYA - European Museum of the Year Award 2010. More

Study tour, Great Britain
(Ž. Sušić, M. Vouk)
1–11 March, 2009

Two of the museum’s staff members visited several museums and institutions in London and its environs as part of a study tour financed by the British Council. More


Happy Birthday Louis Braille!

Museum Night
30 January 2009

The Typhlological Museum will be marking the 200th anniversary of Louis Braille’s birth – creator of the Braille alphabet for the blind – with a series of events throughout 2009. On Museum Night, 30 January 2009 and in cooperation with the Croatian Museum Association, the Typhlological Museum begins its celebration of the 200th anniversary of Louis Braille’s birth. Who was he, what was he known for and why is the Typhlological Museum celebrating his birthday? More

“Writing Machines” Exhibition
HT Museum, Jurišićeva 13,
Zagreb, 15 December 2008 – 15 April 2009

The “Writing Machines” exhibition will present items from the Typhlological Museum’s collection including Braille writing machines, publications and enlarged photos of the most interesting machines. More


Expert presentation at the 1st
Congress of Croatian Museologists

(Mimara Museum, Zagreb, 12 – 14 November 2008) More


Educational award game ORIGINAL
18 April – 18 May 2008
Typhlological Museum

The goal of presenting an artwork always presupposes the question What are we viewing in an artwork?. We put this forethought into the context of an educational award game Original (carried out 13 years by museum pedagogues) and the overall activities of the Typhlological Musuem. For an all-round experience of art, in addition to the usual opinion that the visual experience is primary, we added the art creator and the need for creation. More


Expert lecture and workshop
“The museum and possibilities for adaptation”
12 – 16 March 2008

With the organization of this lecture and workshop, the museum experts in the City and from throughout Croatia had the chance to become acquainted with the positive practice and concrete forms of solutions for adapting museums for people with disabilities. More