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The best place for a blind date, 20.12.2016. at 7 p.m.



Experience. Try. Seduce. Touch. Challenging, daring, subtle --- an exhibition of the Typhlological Museum titled “The Best Place for a Blind Date”, which opens 20 December at 7 p.m. and which you can visit until 31 January, leads you into an adventure of discovering the general virtuality of all segments of life.

One part of the exhibition is similar to an expanded Dark Room, where the visitors will entice their senses in all kinds of ways. The Dark Room is part of the permanent exhibition of the Typhlological Museum, and its purpose is to simulate the lack of sight, that is, a situation in which you cannot receive visual stimuli. It is also a multi-sensory room considering the fact that the visitor has to activate all the other senses (touch, hearing, taste, and smell). Borut Mihalić, scent guru, will take care of the olfactory sensations, and Borna Subota, EXE Production, will produce the exhibition.

During the exhibition, the visitors will more around the space in darkness, surrounded with intriguing objects, scents, sounds, and textures they are normally in contact with, but since they won’t be able to see them, these daily sensations will turn into a new, sensational experience.

In the other part of the exhibition, the visitors will be able to see a documentary, “Love is not Blind”, directed by Višnja Biti, which was produced in 2004 by the Croatian Film Association. They will also be able to play with expectations, prejudice or destiny. We’ll create a virtual connection with the Museum of Broken Relationships, and the tactile link between the museums will be located in the Museum of Broken Relationships.