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Marking International Museum Day: The Sign of Disability as the Object of Trauma, 18/04/2017, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

This year’s International Museum Day was marked under the title of Museums and Contentious Histories: Speaking of the Unspeakable in Museums. In its museum surrounding, the Typhlological Museum has been spreading messages of acceptance, understanding, and social inclusion of all members of the community for over sixty years. About a hundred museums around Croatia participate in the International Museum Day, and on 18 May, International Museum Day, the Typhological Museum will exhibit an item in its possession.

Museums keep various objects that carry memories of individuals and entire societies. We believe that getting to know and facing one’s own past can lead us to avoiding human mistakes and, therefore, trauma. The Museum keeps a marking that bling people used to wear on their sleeves as public signs of their disability. The labeling of the “different” has, fortunately, long been abandoned, but the markings we keep are witnesses to this societal attitude towards people who are in some aspect different from others. The bearers of these marking could definitely tell us different personal stories.

We’ll allow our visitors to come to the Museum on 18 May and to see the material witness that was once used to indicate disabled persons. Visitors can share their opinions of the purpose of the item in writing. We also invite everyone who has once carried the burden of stigma to visit us and, if they wish, to share their experiences (in text, audio-video recording, etc.) with the Typhlological Museum.