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The museum item as stimulation for learning , 6 June, 2017

On 6 June, a workshop titled The Museum Item as Stimulation for Learning was held at the Typhlological Museum as part of the research of the broader subject of Object Base Learning. The lecturer, Dr. Thomas Kador, is member of staff of the University College London, where he works on devising innovative pedagogical programs using items from museum university collections.

The lecture and the workshop were held for first-year students of the graduate study of museology, within the class of Museum Exhibitions, headed by Prof. Žarka Vujić.
As a part of the session, museum councillor and director of the Typhlological Museum, Željka Bosnar Salihagić M.Sc., held a lecture on the Blindman and the Fairy, a painting exhibited in the permanent exhibition of the Museum. In her lecture, she presented research aimed at establishing whether Vjekoslav Karas really authored the painting.

The lectures and the workshop were also held on 8 June for fifth-year students of art history at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Rijeka, within the class of Museology, headed by Assoc. Prof. Danko Dujmović, PhD.





  Foto: Renato Vukić