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A World of Sounds

The exhibition brings us back to a time when the whole of Croatia was united for the benefit of others, and this campaign raised 17 mil. HRK to purchase cochlear implants. It also enabled the procurement of medical and rehabilitation equipment and building the Center for Cochlear Implants and New Technologies. Thanks to RAISING AWARENESS OF EARLY HEARING TESTING, Croatian maternity wards now have a protocol for a general screening of newborns’ hearing, and the Croatian Health Insurance Fund regularly procures cochlear implants. The exhibition is divided into several sections, where visitors will learn about hearing and the importance of early impairment detection. Austrian company MED-El, manufacturer of cochlear implants, enabled the visitors to see and touch a cochlear implant and to see videos of insertion of cochlear implants. Thanks to Microton d.o.o., visitors will be able to hear how a person wearing a hearing aid hears. They will also experience numerous interesting things related to sound and hearing.